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Wok Passion

111 Longueville rd, Lane Cove, 2066

About us

It is always a delightful experience when you eat in a restaurant, which specializes on Asian cuisines. Here at Wok Passion, we are passionate about serving our customers the most delicious Asian dishes. We are located at Longueville Rd, Lane Cove in New South Wales. We have a wide range of Asian specialties such as Kung Po Squid, Sambal Seafood and Yin Yong Kailan. We highly recommend our Wok Passion Specialty menu, which includes Steamed Fish, Curry Fish Head/Fish Fillet in Hot Pot, Singapore Chilli Sauce, Salty Fish Pork Belly in Sizzling Dried Chili Hot Pot, Red Curry Duck and Vegemite Crunchy Pork Belly. If you want to order online for takeaway or delivery, you can simply click on the Order Online button.


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